Crisis Management


Critical Incidence Stress Debriefing (CISD/CISM) is a multifaceted system for intervening in a crisis situation. This system uses various components that address the entire spectrum of a critical circumstance. CISM interventions begin at the onset of the crisis and continue through the peak and well on into the post-crisis phase.

CISM is a fully comprehensive treatment as it addresses individuals, groups, families and communities. This method of healing is provided as an immediate response to trauma that overwhelms and debilitates a community or individual. When extreme events occur suddenly, a person is often unable to cope and function. CISM is applied at the immediate moment of realization and is aimed at helping the client process and accept the circumstances to the point of being able to sustain functionality

Some of the concerns addressed in Consultation and/or Crisis Management are:

  • Confrontation
  • Conflict Mediation
  • Education of Mental Health concerns
  • Grief & Loss in the workplace
  • Illness
  • Layoffs / Downsizing
  • Natural disasters
  • Robbery
  • Suicide
  • Workplace violence