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The difference between counseling and coaching is that counseling looks at the roots and causes of potential mental health concerns, whereas coaching focuses on the future that encourages personal development and self-improvement.

Gives you the power to help yourself. Life Coaching is a goal specific, structured process to move forward by experiencing growth and positive change. The focus could be on self-development, your career, or a relationship.

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Through our business coaching, we help entrepreneurs and corporate professionals reach their highest potential. Our focus often begins with a business issue. And as our coaching progresses, you’ll move towards creating a safe space to be open and vulnerable. Our focus is on communication, performance, leadership and outcomes. It is this process that facilitates growth, change and success – all leading to improved business results.

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Team Coaching provides groups or teams the tools to break through existing barriers and reach their highest potential.  Through team coaching, employees grow in engagement, teamwork, satisfaction, trust and transparency; this in turn leads to improved leadership and productivity that serves the desired outcome.

Coaching Can Be Tailored To Each Client’s Unique Needs, Either As An Addition To Therapy Or Integrated Into The Therapeutic Process Itself

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