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Online Therapy for California Residents
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Cauley & Associates, Inc.

Start Feeling More Balanced

Online Therapy for California Residents
Servicing Business & Organizations
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Does this sound like you?

You’re really hard on yourself
You feel yourself sinking into increasingly negative feeling
You feel sad, tearful, embarrassed, and alone
You are resentful of your family, spouse or partner
You're burnt out from working too much
It takes a lot to run a human being.
To be a happy, healthy functioning human is a full-time job.

If you can relate, we’re here to help.

Hello, We're Cauley & Associates

We are compassionate and empathetic therapists that can help you feel more present in the moment and actually enjoy it.
We provide care for those experiencing high stress, excessive amounts of worry, or who are feeling overwhelmed.

Based out of Beverly Hills, CA, we are available for online therapy services for California residents.

Michelle Cauley, Californias #1 online therapist

What Makes Cauley & Associates Therapist Different

3 Reasons You May Want to Work with Us

01We Are Mental Health Experts

As Mental Health experts, we have specialized training to help you manage your stress and anxiety.

We use both our training and learnings from our lived experiences to help you start feeling relief from the very first session.

02We Keep It Real

Our clients have shared with us that we manage to keep even challenging conversations light hearted and help them understand themselves better.

We won't pretend the world doesn't exist and ignore the social, economic, or political structures that impact your mental health.

03We Are Here To Help

At Cauley & Associates we believe in empowering clients.

Our goal is to help you connect with the right-fit therapists for you or your loved ones. We support you in getting the healing you need.

Also Serving Businesses & Organizations

Our services are tailored to meet the unique needs of each individual or organization. We offer consultation services to help with highly sensitive workplace concerns and coaching focusing on personal development, self-improvement and performance. 

Our team of licensed therapists are dedicated to supporting the mental and emotional well-being of our clients that encourages open dialogue and trust. We provide tailored onsite mental health services as well as business group therapy and business individual therapy providing your employees with the necessary tools, resources and support to succeed, all allowing for a productive workplace environment.

Our tailored workshops and training sessions are powerful tools to help you achieve success in the workplace. Our specialties, emotional intelligence and mindfulness, will give you powerful insights into understanding yourself and developing effective strategies to help you excel.

Our therapists are equipped to handle corporate crises with certified crisis-management and specialized qualifications.

Our public speaking services range from keynotes, conference speaking, facilitator-led discussions and retreat workshops. 

Take charge of your organization’s future by investing in our specialized mental health care services. Reach out to us today to learn how you can transform your company’s mental health care culture.


This was my first visit to a therapist. I was immediately put at ease! The appointment process and the speed of seeing someone was so easy! I wasn’t sure what to expect but the therapist was nothing short of wonderful! Highly recommend this group!
Therapy has been so worth it for me. It’s an investment that I’ll forever be grateful for thanks to Michelle. She has helped me navigate through life in my twenties and now thirties by doing the work to become a better version of myself.
Very helpful session where I felt like I could talk and be heard. Highly recommend using Cauley & Associates.
Excellent service. Michelle made me feel comfortable and relaxed. I will recommend Cauley and Associates to family members and friends if needed.
I am pleased with the level of counsel I was given. I Have gained practical coping skills and guidance.
Very pleased with Will as therapist. Helping with mindfulness, sleep, grief and anxiety issues currently. Professional and gives ideas to focus on in in between therapy.
I am writing this review because I have been coming here for sometime now and I must say i had so much anxiety going in because I didn’t know what to expect from this. When I met my therapist I thought he was going to judge me and brush me off like previous therapist has done. Since I have been coming to him he has been engaging in our visits and he tells it like it is. He doesn’t tell me what I want to hear. I am able to be myself and he makes a way of me learning who I am.
Hello! The therapist that I see allows me to be just myself. He allows me to let it all out and he doesn’t judge me even after hearing what I have to say. The most important thing for me is that he listens and he doesn’t tell me “ I know what your going through “ or “ I understand what your going through”. I have seen therapist before in the past, none of them listened to what I had to hear. Thank you for being there for me.
This was remarkable!!! Can’t wait to continue on with the path of empowerment and enlightenment. This is my first step of correcting a wrong that my spouse and I were experiencing for 15 years. It is very difficult because we have to be uncomfortable to be comfortable, so on the verged to be separated or divorced, we want to thank you for given us a chance for change.
I had my first counseling session over the phone with Will Stoles. I didn’t know what to expect. I was pleasantly surprised with my experience. He called on time and spent time asking thoughtful questions and actively listening. His feedback was perceptive and helpful. I had a great experience and felt more hopeful after we spoke. I would happily recommend this service to others.
My therapist Michelle is the best and most compassionate person. I would recommend Michelle to anyone wishing to have a dedicated and caring therapist. Her ability to listen with empathy is wonderful. Her advice and suggestions are truly insightful and helpful. Michelle has really helped me during some very difficult and sad times in my life.
I was so relieved to get the help I needed from Will at Cauley & Associates. He helped me slowly get back to being myself again. I was comfortable opening up about all of my thoughts and our sessions always made me feel better than I felt before we started.
I love Michelle! I would reccomend her to ANYONE, she is phenomenal, understanding, and offers advice no matter what situation I am in. Go see Michelle!!! I have been with her since 2018
I’d never had therapy before and didn’t know what to expect. Michelle made me feel really comfortable. Her suggestions were practical and easy to understand. Looking forward to my next session.
Michelle is caring and thoughtful and relatable. She listens with interest and has real-life strategies for helping you reach and maintain success in your life. I have recommended her many times.
My sessions with Will Scoles are helpful, enjoyable, and feel like a safe haven. It helps to have Will break down what feels like complex and insurmountable thoughts in my head and I feel more confident when focusing on the smaller parts.
Heidi has been very helpful in teaching me mindfulness and taking in the good. This changes the narrative in my head from what is missing to what is good. Having gratitude is very useful .
Chat with a Therapist goes a Long Way! The time I had to share my concerns was well spent and impacted my family and myself in a positive way!
I was referred to Michelle through the LifeWorks program with my job. Everytime I leave her office, I feel better and have more clarity. She always provides great takeaways and actionable steps to resolve whatever issues I have. I just wished she took insurance. Other than that, I highly recommend her if you are on the hunt!
I was connected to this office through my employer. So far I’ve only had one appointment. The therapist I spoke with was able to go waaaaaaay further in an hour than I thought we would in the first few appointments! She was professional, attentive and engaging. I’m looking forward to the rest of our appointments!
I think it will help me on the first appointment, I realized more about my personal life, and hopefully I will will get the result I wanted for seen the theraphys, I will hope that I will get more information from her to go to other places for group therapy one I am done with this program.
Comforting and Welcoming Any new therapist office experience can be nerve-wracking. Where do I park? What building, floor and hallway is it located in? Thank goodness that those issues were not issues at all. I had all the information I needed wellprior to my appointment. Upon arriving, the reception area was calming. I felt welcome. My experience with my therapist was equally comforting. I wasn’t rushed, I was listened to, and I felt like my struggles mattered.
I have been in search of the right professional to help guide me through personal challenges. The search itself had only been more stressful to the point it did not feel worth pursuing further. Thankfully, I was given a referral to Cauley & Associates and from my initial contact to my first consultation I knew I was in professional,competent hands. Michelle Cauley is a gifted therapists who ensures you have the support and resources you need to progress through your healing process.
I believe Cauley & Associates provide an excellent services because by providing CONFIDENTIAL SERVICES AND TALKING TO EMPLOYEES ON PERSONAL ISSUES and giving professional advises can release a mental deadlocks in some cases. Sometimes the solution may be SIMPLE but this very simple solution may not be available (Not seen) to the employee affected by stress until he/she talk to counselor services from Cauley & Associates. In America we have a saying “DEVIL IN THE DETAILS” advise = details.
Just had my 1st appointment! Was very comfortable and felt welcome. Incredible service and care! 🙂
It is great that I am able to discuss my concerns with someone that will help me to find ways of coping.
Michelle Cauley online therapy for California residents

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