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Will Scoles, LCSW

Licensed Clinical Social Worker

Hi, I’m Will Scoles. I am a Licensed Clinical Social Worker who works with adult men and women who are experiencing challenges which make it difficult to live a happy and satisfying life. I work with people experiencing depression and anxiety, workplace issues and those who need to talk about an immediate short-term concern or decision in life. I proudly serve the LGBTQ community and persons with disabilities.

Specializations At-A-Glance
Stress & Anxiety Therapy100%
Depression Therapy100%
Men’s Therapy100%
Women’s Therapy100%
Consultation Services100%
Onsite Business Services100%
Crisis-Management Services100%
Workshop Facilitator100%
Entertainment Industry Therapy100%

My Journey To Becoming A Therapist

My journey to becoming a therapist started at age 25. I knew I could be happier and at more peace. After 30-plus years in the helping profession serving a wide variety of clients, I decided being a licensed therapist was the next best goal for me.

Being a therapist is an honor. I love guiding people towards positive changes and witnessing them achieve more fulfilling lives. The most rewarding thing about being a therapist is knowing that I made a difference in people’s lives. I am committed to helping you make progress towards your goals.

I Bring An Open, Nonjudgmental Presence To Sessions

I have a natural ability to collaborate with people to set goals and help them reach them.

Our Sessions Are Focused On You

Our sessions will provide you with the space to be understood and heard. In feeling safe and comfortable, you will be able to gain clarity and express your thoughts and feelings.

It is important to me to provide a safe, non-judgmental and private space where you can share your thoughts and  concerns freely.

As A Therapist, I Embrace These Philosophies

  • I believe you deserve to feel better
  • Therapy works when both of us are committed to your healing
  • Sometimes small steps in the right direction end up being the biggest steps in the end
  • By learning to trust your ability to change, it is possible for you to enjoy life again.
Will Scoles Online Therapy for California Residents
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My Professional Background


Master of Social Work, California State University Northride

Master of Education, California State University Northridge

Professional License:

State of California, Licensed Clinical Social Worker – LCSW 68647

Certifications & Trainings:

Crisis-Management Certified

Trauma-Informed CBT


National Association of Social Workers (NASW)



When you reach out, you will talk to our Administrative Assistant Elise, share what is going on for you, ask any questions you may have and if it is determined that we are a good fit, you will get scheduled for your first session with me.


Elise will gather information and send you an email to register for our client portal to complete documentation prior to our initial 50-minute session.


All online sessions are held via video, in which you will be sent a link prior to the appointment day/time. You will begin your healing journey with your therapist by establishing a connection first, sharing your story and discovering what your goals are. Therapy is an active process and unique to each individual.

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