Are you an Associate Clinical Social Worker (ACSW)?

Do you need supervision hours for the
Board of Behavioral Sciences?


clinical supervision

Are you a licensed professional but would like a qualified professional to discuss clinical issues?
Are you losing clinical hours because your agency does not provide supervision?
Need help counting hours and learning the BBS ratios?
Do you have anxiety learning about the changes in the DSM 5? Licensing exam questions? Legal and Ethical issues?
Need support with the licensing exam(s)?
Looking for a safe, supportive and non-judgmental supervision experience?

Did you know that if you work at a governmental entity; school/college/university or a nonprofit agency that receives charitable donations you can receive supervision via Skype?

Receive up to date information regarding ongoing BBS changes

Michelle brings a wealth of knowledge and skill to the supervision experience along with an understanding of the rigorous process that associates are going through. I specialize in diversity, helping supervisees work with people from diverse backgrounds who have diverse needs. I understand the need for support and guidance for associates who are doing intense clinical work.

Individual supervision is provided in-person or via skype. Group supervision is provided if there is a minimum of five supervisees at the onset of group.

Individual supervision is offered at our office. Per your request, group supervision may be provided on-site at your clinic/agency (minimum required).

Please contact us for more information.

Clinical Consultation


Individual Supervision


Individual Skype Supervision

$115 (Exempt Sites per BBS)

On-site agency supervision

Please call for quote