employee assistance program

Cauley & Associates is out-of-network on all insurance.  As an out-of-network provider, we maintain our commitment to confidentiality and allow you to drive the therapeutic process. What this means is that by seeing an out-of-network provider, you are not confined by the insurance company parameters regarding mental health. Call your insurance company to find out what they cover for psychotherapy.

Call your insurer. Give them our rate for psychotherapy, the CPT code and our zip code of our office location. For our services, here is the information you will need:

  • Ask your insurer, what percentage does your out-of-network benefit cover for psychotherapy.
  • The service for “Individual Psychotherapy, Outpatient, 50 minutes”, is referred to as CPT code 90837.
    Our current fee is $200
  • The service for “Family/Couples Psychotherapy, Outpatient, 50 minutes” is referred to CPT code 90846.
    Our current fee is $275 for 50 minutes and $350 for 90 minutes.
  • Our zip code is 90036 (reimbursement varies based on location)

We provide a statement (per your request) at the end of each month that includes all of the information you will need to file a claim.  You will then send this statement to your insurer for reimbursement.   Some employers allow the use of flexible spending accounts, medical savings accounts or health reimbursement arrangements.


Payment is due at the time of session. You may pay via cash, check or credit card. Please note that a processing fee is included into your credit card payment for this convenience. If you are utilizing therapy via an online format, an invoice will be sent prior to session and payment is required prior to the session.



If you are unable to make your scheduled appointment, please contact your therapist at least 24 hours in advance to avoid being charged the full fee for your missed appointment.