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Mindfulness and meditation are health and well-being practices. Mindfulness and meditation have shown to reduce rumination, stress and anxiety and improve memory and attention. An additional benefit is the strengthening of emotional regulation and an increase in positive emotions such as joy and happiness.

HEIDI SHAW is a long-time meditator and teacher. She combines psychotherapy and mindfulness with her clients. Depending on the individual clients needs and history, Heidi utilizes mindfulness practices and meditations in therapy. These techniques can help individuals relieve their emotional problems and develop skillful resources.


Heidi teaches employees basic mindfulness practices and meditations to use in the moment, during breaks at work and at home. Educating employees on skills to decrease stress can create a more positive corporate culture of well-being. These sessions are customized to your organization’s goals and needs and provide strategies to bring wellness, stress reduction, renewed commitment, and greater team cohesion.


Heidi and Michelle offer therapy groups based in Emotional Intelligence and Mindfulness.

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