Coaching focuses on guiding and helping you to achieve a future goal through support and insight or pushing you to a higher level of performance. Each coaching session begins with a consultation to understand your goals, needs and/or challenges for individual/life coaching or to understand your organizations unique culture for business/executive and team. We also use individual and team assessments to identify behaviors, display gaps in thinking and an overall understanding toward the coachees effectiveness.

The difference between counseling and coaching is that counseling investigates the roots and causes of potential mental health concerns, whereas coaching focuses on the future that encourages personal development and self-improvement.

Depending on the nature of what a client presents, coaching can be offered as an add-on to therapy or as part of the therapeutic process.

Individual or Life Coaching is giving you the power to help yourself. It is goal specific, structured and a process to move forward by experiencing personal growth and positive change. The focus could be on self-development, your career or a relationship.

Business and/or Executive Coaching is geared toward working with business owners or within corporations focusing on communication, performance, leadership and outcomes. The focus often begins with a business issue and as the coaching relationship progresses, it becomes a safe place for the coachee to be authentic, vulnerable allowing for growth and change, ultimately benefitting their business and/or employer.

Team Coaching offers groups or teams the capability to go beyond their current abilities by creating opportunities and awareness. Benefits of team coaching leads to increased employee engagement, job satisfaction, teamwork, trust, transparency and stronger leadership, which ultimately benefits productivity and the desired outcome

Coaching is provided VIA SKYPE, OVER THE PHONE OR IN-PERSON (if you are local).

Please contact us for more detailed information on our Coaching Services.